Charles Barkley Talked About Retirement And It’s As Classic, Unfiltered Chuck As You’ll Ever Hear



Charles Barkley is always one of the most entertaining people to hear talk; and it’s because the Basketball Hall of Famer and current TNT analyst is as honest as humanly possible. Unlike many of his peers in the sports broadcasting business, Barkley doesn’t butter up his opinions or even attempt to keep things PC — which is why he’s so great on TV — and that type of honesty works well for him.

After just turning 56 years old last month and having recently had hip replacement surgery, Charles Barkley was asked about retirement from his current role. And, like most of his answers, Sir Charles’ response was as candid and (maybe too honest) as possible. Take a listen below, via Jeff Eisenband’s Twitter.

Yep, Barkley actually went there, saying that he doesn’t want to be the dude who’s sh*tting and pissing himself. Man, get this guy on TV more, because he always knows how to entertain.

While Charles Barkley isn’t old, he probably has other things he wants to do that don’t require him to sit in front of a TV talking about NBA and college basketball all the time. Something tells me he’s looking forward to getting into a casino or out on a golf course to suck back cigars and drinks a little bit more.

It’ll be a sad day once Charles Barkley decides to call his broadcasting days quits, but, given the fact that he thinks he’ll retire from the gig at 60, we can at least all anticipate watching him for the next four years or so. And with March Madness coming up and the NBA Playoffs soon to follow — which he’ll be part of for TNT — we’ll have more than enough Barkley to satisfy our viewing needs. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have an accident on live TV anytime soon, though.

(H/T Golf Digest)