Chase Elliot Gives Kyle Busch The Middle Finger After He Wrecks Him At Darlington Raceway

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Chase Elliot was having a pretty solid run at Darlington for the Toyota 500 until Kyle Busch had his way.

Elliot was running in 2nd place with just about 30 to go in the race. And then Kyle Busch turned him straight into the pit wall, understandably frustrated and ticked off.

He was in position to win, then Kyle Busch pulled the kind of move he’s notorious for to ruin his night:

Elliot climbed out his car and flicked Busch the bird when the pack came around in caution.

Kinda surprised Elliot didn’t want to throw hands after all this. I admire Elliot’s steadfast commitment to social distancing because an out-of-the-blue swipe like that is pretty darn frustrating.

This would make for a great next edition of “asking Chase Elliot ridiculous questions” for the Brilliantly Dumb Show:

“So Chase, which MMA move did you most want to do on Kyle Busch after that weak move?”

“All of them.”