Cheerleader Goes Viral For Trying To Distract Opposing Players During Free Throws (Video)

A basketball on the court.


A cheerleader from Jackson State’s recent matchup against Arkansas Pine Bluff is going viral for trying to distract opposing players as during free throw attempts.

Clips of the Tigers supporter have now gone viral, leading to online reaction.

Now, this game truly had it all.

The contest was highly competitive, with the two teams battling it out in a pair of overtime sessions. It was also chippy both on and off the court.

During the first OT period, a group of fans that appeared to include members of the Jackson State football team began chirping at Arkansas Pine Bluff players on the bench.

That nearly led to a massive brawl, with at least one Golden Lions player and coach going into the stands in retaliation. The scene went on for a few minutes before cooler heads prevailed.

But that wasn’t the only bizarre moment of the game.

In the second overtime, a cheerleader was called for interference while trying to distract an opposing player on free throw shots. Standing under the basket, you can see the squad member dancing and waving their hands in the air to try and throw the Pine Bluff player off.

It’s led to a hilarious reaction on the internet.

One college basketball fan wrote, “This game had some pretty wild moments,” after seeing the clips.

Another viewer said, “I’ve never seen cheerleader interference!”

This rivalry matchup truly saw everything, and it culminated with an 88-84 Jackson State win in double overtime. The Tigers improved to 7-17 on the season while Arkansas Pine Bluff fell to 10-14.

The two teams don’t have much left to play for, but that obviously didn’t take away any passion from either the fanbase or the cheer squad.

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