5 Lower Chest Training Tips To Avoid Growing Man Boobs

by 3 years ago

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old; man boobs can affect everyone and knows no age boundaries. And the fucked up part about it is that even if you’ve never had them and built up a muscular chest, missing a lot of gym time can soften it up and now you, too, have joined the ranks. So we’re going to do the right thing here and give you a simple sure-fire method to either eradicate man boobs or do some preventive maintenance to avoid them…because women will avoid them, too.

The target area is the lower chest and there are a bunch of exercises that you can do that will hit this area. It’s not the easiest part of the body to isolate, so what you need to do is be creative and pay attention to how you feel when trying a new movement. If you’re not feeling it where you should be, check your form or the amount of weight. If all checks out, maybe it’s just not a great exercise for you.


The most basic of movements for the lower chest, declines are good to do with either a barbell or dumbbells. The latter may be the better of the two choices, since you can go even lower (beyond your chest) to extend the range of motion. Take advantage of this declines by pressing a little more weight than you do on the flat and/or incline bench. The shorter range of motion gives you the opportunity to bang out some big numbers here.


Using only your bodyweight or adding more for resistance are both helpful in hitting the lower chest and triceps. Look around your gym floor for a leather and chain belt-type contraption that you can use with 25 or 45-pound plates. Not there? Then use a single dumbbell between your crossed feet. Leaning forward a little will put the emphasis more on the lower chest, while remaining straight and vertical works the triceps harder.


This one is a triple threat by working the lower chest, back and ribcage. The trick here is to make sure that your ass doesn’t come up while you’re going over your head with the single dumbbell. The two-handed crossed finger grip allows you to use a good amount of weight, so don’t be shy once you get the form down.


Put the D-handles at their highest rung and bring them all the way down before meeting in the middle. But a little twist here is to touch your wrists and not the grips. Turning your wrists in like that puts more tension on your lower chest and pausing slightly at that part of the rep will give you a solid pump.


Your gym may or may not have this one and it’s also used for rear delts when you sit on it facing the weight stacks. The same hint here as the above – touch your wrists instead of the grips.

Now check out this guy failing miserably as he attempts to be the best at working out.



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