The Chicago Bears Signed A Kicker Named Blewitt, And The Jokes Just Wrote Themselves

Chicago Bears Signed A Kicker Named Blewitt, Jokes Wrote Themselves

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The Chicago Bears’ front office is just trolling everyone, right? I mean, they have to be, at least on some level. There is no way that anyone involved in the signing of free agent kicker Chris Blewitt from the University of Pittsburgh did not know that jokes would immediately be made when they did this. It’s just impossible.

You can’t release Cody Parkey, sign a kicker to possibly replace him named Blewitt, and not expect it.

So who is Chris Blewitt? I know Bears fans are certainly curious.

According to the University of Pittsburgh’s web site, Blewitt finished his career as Pitt’s all-time kick scoring leader, eclipsing a record that stood for more than four decades.

So far, so good.

Blewitt is also the Panthers’ all-time leader in field goals. Another plus.

Blewitt also finished his college career second behind Hall of Fame tailback Tony Dorsett on Pitt’s all time scoring list.

He also kicked five game-winning field goals while at Pitt. (Can I get a “hell yeah,” Bears fans?) And he kicked a school-record 10 PATs in the final game of the 2016 regular season versus Syracuse in a 76-61 victory.

I’m sorry…

I just can’t get over the possibility of a new Chicago Bears kicker named Blewitt.

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Too soon, Bears fans? My bad. At least I am not alone.

Lighten up, Frances.

I’m sure everything will work out just fine.

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