Chicago Bears Get Clowned For Tweeting Meme About Needing Help In The Draft

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The Chicago Bears’ social media thought they were being clever on Wednesday, tweeting out a meme claiming they don’t need help from fans with the NFL Draft.

Unfortunately, much like many of their recent draft picks in the minds of many, they failed.

Sharing a commonly meme’d image of a young Michael Scott of The Office shaking hands with his old boss Ed Truck, the Bears tried to mock all the random fans giving them draft advice.

Perhaps, much like the Cleveland Browns tweeting out a celebratory message about International Women’s Day on Wednesday, the Chicago Bears should have sat this one out.

Why? Well, first of all, the Chicago Bears have had one winning season since 2012, last won a playoff game in 2010, last played in a Super Bowl in 2006 (they lost), and last won one in 1985 (that would be 37 years ago).

So it’s not like the front office has been killing it over the past four decades.

Second, let’s take a look at the Chicago Bears’ top draft picks over the past decade.

Kyler Gordon and Justin Fields have been okay so far, but it’s still very early in their careers.

Cole Kmet and Jaylon Johnson have also been decent, but not great for being the Bears’ second round picks in 2020.

David Montgomery is gone. So is Roquan Smith and Leonard Floyd.

Wide receiver Kevin White (the 7th overall pick!) was a complete bust. Defensive back Kyle Fuller was good.

Oh, and there was the time the Bears had the second overall pick in the NFL Draft and passed on Patrick Mahomes (and Deshaun Watson) and instead chose Mitchell Trubisky.

Yeah, that’s the one that really sticks in Chicago Bears’ fans craws.

“User23928 probs can do it better,” another fan commented.

“Acting like they won’t f— it up,” tweeted another Bears fan.

“Maybe don’t draft Trubisky over Mahomes again,” yet another fan pointed out.

“Lol y’all should f—in listen tbh. We haven’t drafted anybody good since Matt Forte in ‘08,” another wrote.

Good luck at this year’s NFL Draft, Bears fans. You’ll need it.

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