Just A Friendly Reminder That The Chicago Cubs Will Win The World Series This Year, If You Believe ‘Back To The Future 2’

If you haven’t heard, its been a LONG time since the Cubbies have won the World Series—1908, to be exact—and haven’t even reached the Fall Classic since 1945. So the entire city of Chicago has a pass and are allowed to be low functioning all day following the team’s Wild Card win last night against the Pirates.

Back in March, we referenced how the cult-classic Back To The Future 2 had predicted the Cubbies to win the World Series, as the movie sent Marty McFly from 1989 to October 21, 2015 to find out that the longest championship drought in pro sports had finally ended.

Well, if you’re a gambling man and believe in shit like that, you might want to toss some cash on the team from the North Side, because it ACTUALLY could happen.

While the movie has the date being the 21st of October for the victory—the Series doesn’t start till the 27th this year—Cubs supporters should be stoked that the flick is even reasonably close to getting this right, as the team hasn’t had the best of luck over the years.

Bob Gale, the screenwriter who wrote Back To The Future 2, added the prediction as a joke, but had this to say to Chicago’s City Herald:

“Whether the Cubs make it or the Cubs don’t make it, the joke will still be funny. And if the Cubs do make it, then I’m a visionary.”

Cubs fans hope that he’s a real-life Nostradamus.


I don’t give a shit about the Cubs at all, but if it gives us more opportunities to see the team’s ace, Jake Arrieta, get champagne poured down his throat by his young son, I can root for them—because that’s fucking awesome.

Go, Cubs, Go!

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