Nobody Told This Dude Who Got A 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Tattoo That The Cubs Haven’t Even Won A Playoff Game Yet

This always turns out well. Maybe you haven’t heard, but the Chicago Cubs are having a historically fantastic season and have already notched 101 wins with four games left to play in the regular season. They have more wins in this incomplete season than any other season since the 1910 season where Mordecai Brown and the boys won 104 games. Chicagoans are extremely confident in their team’s abilities and they should be, the Cubbies have a seemingly juggernaut of a squad. But, the Cubs haven’t played one playoff game and in baseball especially, the best team doesn’t always win in the postseason. But that isn’t stopping one man from showing his faith in his team by getting a 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series tattoo.

Noel Brown is got a Cubs “World Series Champions” tattoo, despite the regular season not being over yet. Brown beat out 40 other contestants and won the opportunity to get a Cubs World Series tattoo. He won a contest from radio station 1460 KXnO to prove his Cubs fandom.

Brown, from Des Moines, Iowa, got the Cubs logo with a goat in the middle and the words “Holy Cow!! Curse Broken World Series Champions” on his left calf.

I understand the appeal of receiving something that is free, but if it has no true value than you’re really not getting anything worthwhile. You know what else is free? Syphilis.

Did anyone tell this fella that the Cubs haven’t won the World Series in 108 years? And they have that whole Curse of the Billy Goat hanging over their head?

Hope Noel likes wearing pants until forever.