Chiefs-Bears Germany Game In Doubt After Latest Report

Chiefs-Bears Germany game in doubt

Getty Image / Timothy T Ludwig

The NFL recently announced several games that will be played overseas as we await the official schedule reveal for the 2023 season.

However, things might be getting a bit shaky right now between the Kansas City Chiefs matchup against the Chicago Bears in Germany.

Apparently, the “home” team in overseas games can deny one team to not play against. According to Peter King, that seems to be the case with the Chiefs.

King doesn’t provide much more information than that. So, it’s unclear exactly why the Chiefs don’t want to play the Bears in Germany.

Additionally, it’s hard to imagine the NFL scheduling a team like the Cincinnati Bengals or Buffalo Bills against Kansas City in an overseas matchup.

Especially considering how early in the morning those games take place. The league would probably like to avoid a prime-time matchup in the morning.

Regardless, football fans take guesses as to why Kansas City made this request.

It sure sounds like Bears fans travel well.

Always follow the money!

Meanwhile, Bears fans think the Chiefs are scared to play Justin Fields on a neutral site.

Maybe the league will consider making a schedule switch for the Germany game. Until then, fans will continue speculating why the Chiefs made the request.

Look for more updates on this situation as the 2023 schedule should be revealed soon.