Chiefs And Eagles Players Rip Field Conditions In Super Bowl

Chiefs and Eagles Super Bowl

Getty Image / ANGELA WEISS

The Super Bowl concludes the NFL year as teams now prepare for the offseason. However, hopefully, we have better field conditions next time around.

Fans noticed how many players on both the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles were slipping on the field. Now, the players chime in and rip the field conditions.

According to The Athletic, players from both teams participating in the Super Bowl hated the field conditions just as much as football fans.

The Eagles linebacker Haason Reddick claims, “It was the worst field I’ve ever played on. It was very disappointing. It’s the NFL. You would think it would be better so we could get some better play, but it is what it is.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark wasn’t a fan of the conditions either, per The Athletic.

“Frank Clark called the field conditions ‘kind of terrible’ and said as the game unfolded, he just started digging his feet into the turf to help his footing because he was slipping so much.”

It is weird to think the NFL would use such slippery grass on the field for the Super Bowl. Both the Chiefs and Eagles players swapped out different cleats throughout the game.

Maybe the league should consider asking the players what kind of field they want to play on. That could yield better results and allow the players to just play the game.

With both sides complaining about the field, it’s safe to say nobody had any clear advantage in terms of the field. In the end, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl and that’s all there is to it.