Chiefs Rookie Leopold Chenal Defies Physics With Wildly Athletic Feat At Super Bowl Parade

Chiefs rookie Leopold Chenal

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

The Super Bowl parade came and went as the Kansas City Chiefs looked like they had a tremendous amount of fun.

However, all eyes are on rookie linebacker Leopold Chenal after he defied logic with a wild athletic feat during the parade.

Jared Koller shares a clip of Chenal scaling the side of one of the buses like it’s nothing. You’ll just have to watch for yourself.

How is that even possible? No regular human being can do what Chenal did during the Super Bowl parade. Clearly, the Chiefs have an athletic freak at linebacker.

Like, this kid might be a superhero. Has anyone seen him and Spiderman in the same room before? If Leo Chenal came out and revealed he’s actually a superhero I wouldn’t even be shocked.

I can barely do a single pull up and we have the Chiefs rookie over here scaling the side of a bus as if he does it every day.

If that clip doesn’t make you respect the level of athlete these guys are in professional sports, then nothing will.

We hope he receives more playing time moving forward, as the Chiefs could have a legitimate weapon on their hands at linebacker.

He finished his rookie campaign with just 35 total tackles and one sack. Chenal only started in eight games but did play all season long.

Look for him to continue developing and potentially become a major contributor for the Chiefs moving forward.