Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Chiefsaholic Is Now On The Most-Wanted List After Skipping Bail

Getty Image / Bob Kupbens

There are a lot of famous superfans in the NFL. But, Kansas City Chiefs superfan Chiefsaholic is certainly the most notorious.

Chiefsaholic real name is Xaviar Bubadar. He was frequently seen at Chiefs games, home and away, dressed in a wolf suit and cheering on the team. But, He’s found himself in serious legal trouble.

Chiefsaholoic was arrested in December for robbing a credit union in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and had been released on bail in February and was required to stay in the state of Oklahoma and wear an ankle monitor. But, he decided to flee, and police haven’t found him.
It’s such a weird story. Bubadar told the court he was homeless, but police found him with a ton of earnings and assets.

And, now, he has been named to the Greater Kansas City Crimestoppers Most Wanted List. Here is KSHB with more details.

Xaviar Babudar, the Kansas City Chiefs superfan accused of robbing a bank in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, has landed on the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers most wanted list.

The website listed Babudar as the fifth most wanted fugitive.

Babudar, 28, has been on the run since he removed his ankle monitor and missed an arraignment hearing in Tulsa County in March.

After missing court, a $1 million bond warrant was issued for Babudar.

Babudar was arrested on Dec. 6, 2022, after allegedly robbing a Tulsa Teacher Credit Union in Bixby, Oklahoma.

What a wild story all around. There could end up being a very good movie made about Chiefsaholic someday.