Chinese Dunk Contest Participant Tries To Dunk Over 5 Dudes, Eats Shit Instead

Despite the objections of, well, pretty much everybody, slam dunk contests are still happening. Why? Because people enjoy watching C-list celebrities hold little pieces of cardboard with a numbers on them over their heads.

Seriously. End the NBA Slam Dunk contest and end it now. Unless stuff like what happened in the Chinese Basketball Association’s event is going to start happening stateside.

One participant decided he’d try to throw down a dunk over five people. Apparently he’d either done it before or was feeling frisky.

His attempt came up woefully short as he clipped one of the human props and landed right on his face.

China’s favorite player, Stephon Marbury, showed support for his fallen colleague by rolling on the floor and laughing.

Great theater. Can’t imagine why NBA brass wouldn’t want their top talent doing stuff like this purely for entertainment.

[H/T: Bleacher Report]