Jeffrey Lurie On Firing Chip Kelly: ‘One Of The Most Disappointing Seasons I’ve Ever Endured’

Jeff Lurie

CSN Philadelphia

“This has been one of the most disappointing seasons I’ve ever endured.” – Jeffrey Lurie

Philadelphia Eagles owner and chairman Jeffrey Lurie said a whole lot in his Wednesday morning press conference regarding the sudden (but really not so sudden if we’re being honest) firing of head coach Chip Kelly.

He spoke to accountability issues, the ability to connect with players on an emotional level, the catalysts behind the decision to release Chip Kelly, and of the direction the Eagles franchise is headed in its search for a new head coach for the 2016 season.

Here’s Jeffrey Lurie’s 22-minute presser in its entirety for your delight:




Among some notable takeaways include Lurie conceding that the choice to hire Chip Kelly three years ago was a “bold choice,” and him acknowledging that it was simply a risk that didn’t pay off. Along with Lurie dispelling rumors that Demarco Murray was part of the reason for Kelly’s firing, Lurie also stated that he held a players only meeting on Thursday morning – the first step in moving forward from this situation.

Lurie was also adamant that Chip Kelly’s dismissal does not constitute that the Birds will be in a rebuilding season next year, but only time will tell when it comes to that. One thing is clear in Philadelphia right now, and it’s that the Chip Kelly era is over.