In 2015, Chip Kelly Loved Marcus Mariota So Much That He Offered The Titans Nearly ANYTHING They Wanted For Him

Considering the Philadelphia Eagles canned former head coach Chip Kelly because he was a fucking control freak who was stubborn as hell and wanted to build a team his way and his way only, Philly fans should be REALLY happy that the report about what Kelly was willing to trade to the Tennessee Titans before last year’s NFL draft is the best news in a long time.

Kelly, who wanted to snag the Titans’ No. 2 overall pick in hopes of drafting his former quarterback from the University of Oregon, Marcus Mariota, was so enamored with the former Heisman Trophy winner that he was willing to do nearly anything he could to land Mariota.

Per a report from Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager, who was on the radio with Colin Cowherd, here’s what Schrager says the Eagles offered:

To put that into perspective, Kelly was willing to part with the 20th and 47th picks in 2015, the 13th pick in this year’s draft and any quarterback and/or defensive player on the Eagles’ roster at the time…Is he crazy?

Sure, Philly shit the bed, was dysfunctional as all fuck and lost 9 games in 2015—which is why Chip Kelly’s no longer at the helm—but to give up that much for one guy seems insane. Seriously, gut the team for an unproven rookie? Congrats, Eagles fans, you dodged a bullet here.

[H/T Deadspin]

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