Did Chip Kelly Already Start Talking ‘Crap’ About San Francisco?

Chip Kelly was introduced as the 49ers new head honcho this week and the portly bundle of joy opted to celebrate the unexpected victory by making close to zero sense with this wonderfully weird quote:

“When you fall out of a boat, sometimes you land in crap and sometimes you land in San Francisco.”

This isn’t exactly what one might deem to be an appreciative-sounding quote. And really, I’m not sure I’d ever want to sit in a boat where crap, and only crap, so closely resides. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

I almost feel like Chip is in dire need of someone to sing “get well, get well soon, we wish you to get well!” Because he just got a flashy new gig, one that no one expected him to get.

Chin up, Chippy.