Big Congratulations To Chris Davis Who Set The MLB Record For Longest Hitless Streak In History

The National League was founded in 1876 and in those 143 years and over 217,235 games played. In all of those years and all of those games, nobody has gone more games in a row without a single hit more than Chris Davis.

Chris Davis signed a 7-year contract worth $161,000,000 with the Baltimore Orioles in 2016 after four previous seasons of hitting 159 home runs. In 2013, the slugging first baseman was an All-Star and he smashed the most home runs that year with 53 dingers and hit 47 in 2015. However, Davis is a shell of his former self and since 2017 Davis has only his 42 home runs total.

In 2018, Davis batted a pitcher-like .168 over 128 games. That abysmal batting average is the worst for any qualified player in Major League Baseball history since the league adopted the current 162-game schedule. That’s not the record you want to hold.

This season, Davis is “earning” a whopping $23 million. In 2019, Chris Davis is batting .000 and has a paltry on-base percentage of .125. Just because you play for the O’s doesn’t mean your boxscore needs to have 0’s. In his 12 year career, Davis averages 212 strikeouts per 162 games. Hey Orioles, I’m willing to play for you and bat .000 for $500,000.

On Monday night, Chris Davis made history in the worst possible way. Davis lined out to left field in the bottom of the fifth inning in the Orioles game against the Oakland Athletics. This sad out made Chris Davis the owner of the longest hitless streak in MLB history with 47 consecutive at-bats without a hit. It wasn’t like Davis was facing Cy Young on Monday because Davis was the only Orioles starter not to reach base in Baltimore’s 12-4 win.

The anti-Joe DiMaggio continued the streak by striking out in his next two at-bats and now gone 0 for his last 49, the embarrassing streak dates back to September 14, 2018. Infielder/outfielder Eugenio Velez should send Davis a gift basket because he was the previous owner of the dubious record for longest hitless streak when he did in during the 2010 and 2011 seasons while on the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Some fun facts about Davis’ record futility:

  • 569 other MLB players have had hits
  • 75 pitchers have had hits
  • Davis has struck out 29 times during the streak
  • Davis has made $3.5 million during the streak

It doesn’t get better for the Baltimore Orioles because they still owe Davis $92 million in guaranteed money and they’ll be paying him for a long time. That contract has deferred payments through the 2037 season. Bobby Bonilla eat your heart out. Get excited O’s fans!

Orioles fans are already asking if the Chris Davis contract the worst in history?

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