Wisconsin Football Released Rare Footage Of Chris Farley As Matt Foley, And I Really Miss That Big Guy

In what’s easily the greatest recruiting material of the 2015 offseason, Wisconsin Football released a rare clip of Chris Farley reprising his role as motivational speaker Matt Foley who lives in a van down by the river, and he’s urging recruits to come play for Wisconsin. I certainly wasn’t ready for these feels on this Wednesday morning, as this clip is a reminder of how wonderfully hilarious Chris was.

The thing that kills me about this clip is just how effortless it was for Chris to let the funny out. He could turn it on at any moment, or maybe it was always on. His gift for comedy was unmatched by any of his peers, and it was such a tragic loss for his family and the world when he passed away at only 33-years-old.

And because I know that clip was extremely short, if you need some more Matt Foley to get you through the day, feast on this lesser watched clip of Chris: