How Would You Rate NBA Player Chris McCullough’s $100K Lipton Brisk Iced Tea Chain From An Investment Standpoint?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Just days after Minnesota Vikings star wideout Stefon Diggs copped himself a custom diamond-studded Starbucks chain, former Brooklyn Nets first round pick Chris McCullough purchased himself a $100,000 Lipton Brisk Iced Tea chain. A pretty lavish purchase for a dude coming off a season in the G-League.

Although Brisk Iced Tea is delicious, the 23-year-old’s motive for the chain purchase stems from his nickname, Brisk, which he carried for his few years in the league.

According to TMZ, the chain was made by Moses the Jeweler in NYC and features 14k white gold and heart and arrow cut diamonds. It reporedly took about 6 months to complete due to all the intricacies.

Check out the reveal video below.

McCullough has spent the majority of the last three seasons in the G League with the Long Island Nets, Northern Arizona Suns, Wisconsin Herd,the Erie Bayhawks. However, he has reportedly earned $3.8 million in those last three years.

P.S. Moses the Jeweler is the same dude who made the $150,000 chain of Larry David’s bust for Executive Producer and manager David Weintraub.

Prettay prettay prettay fucking expensive.


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