Even Christian Laettner Thinks Duke Gets All The Calls

Duke gets all the calls.

That is not an opinion. That is a cold hard fact.

Everyone already knew this despite the protestations of a very vocal minority of Blue Devil fans. But now those truthers who seemed to believe Coach K’s team had a monopoly on proper guarding position have lost their last bullet.

Even Duke god Christian Laettner admits his favored team gets preferential treatment from referees.

Laettner, who is the subject of a subtly named 30 for 30 film I Hate Christian Laettner, visited the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday. The far-reaching conversation touched on the perceived whistle disparity.

“I think it started a little bit after my time there,” he said. “But I will be honest with you and tell you even when I watch Duke play today, I’m like ‘Ugh, gosh, did they call a charge?’ Too much. And especially at Cameron, they do get some of those calls. But when it’s a neutral gym or opposing, it’s not quite as bad. But there are times where I’m even like ‘Jeez, did we get this much of a benefit of the doubt from the refs when I was playing?’ And everyone says yes.”

Boom. Busted. Debate over.

Now even Duke fans have a reason to loathe Laettner.

After 25 years his work to become non-wrestling’s greatest wrestling heel is complete.

[H/T: Dan Patrick Show]