Christian Pulisic Gets Roasted For Calling Out American Soccer Fans After Friendly Against Morocco

Christian Pulisic Gets Roasted For Calling Out American Soccer Fans

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  • Christian Pulisic had some harsh words for American soccer fans after the USMNT friendly against Morocco.
  • Fans were quick to call him out following his criticisms.
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Christian Pulisic is the face of American soccer and very well could be the most beloved USMNT member of all time, which is saying a lot for a guy that’s still only 23-years-old.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a single American soccer fan to say a negative thing about Pulisic.

That is, before his comments about the fans following the USMNT friendly against Morocco on Wednesday night in Cincinnati.

After helping lead the USMNT to a 3-0 win, Pulisic was asked how it felt to be back playing in front of U.S. fans. Instead of giving the generic ‘it felt great’ response, Pulisic took the opportunity to call out the fans, or lack thereof.

“To be honest, for whatever reason I’m not super happy with the amount of Americans here,” Pulisic explained. “Thanks to the ones who did come, and the support is always great from them.”

On the one hand, you have to respect Pulisic for being honest about the lack of fans in attendance on Wednesday night. He wants more Americans in the stands, and if there’s one player that can move that needle, it’s Pulisic.

On the other hand, we’re talking about a friendly against Morocco, the 24th ranked team in the world, on a Wednesday night. With the USMNT already in the World Cup and with fans already looking forward to that, it’s a bit tougher for supporters to get fired up, and fork over hundreds of dollars, for a mid-week friendly.

Inflation is also a very real thing affecting every American right now. Gas being $5 per gallon isn’t helping Pulisic’s case, either.

Christian Pulisic Gets Called Out After Criticising American Soccer Fans