Chyna’s Former Manager Reveals How ‘World War 3’ Erupted After WWE Star Found Out About Triple H Dating Stephanie McMahon

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After the break-up of Degeneration X in WWE, each performer in the group moved onto different storylines.

Degeneration X founding member Triple H “kidnapped” Stephanie McMahon in a feud with her father, Vince McMahon. Degeneration X member Chyna started a memorable angle with Eddie Guerrero, playing his adversary and eventual love interest.

Storyline and real-life began to blur as Stephanie and Triple H secretly dated behind the scenes, even though Chyna and the now-Executive Vice President of the WWE weren’t broken up.

According to Chyna’s former manager, Anthony Anzaldo, Chyna found out about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon dating after breaking into a briefcase and finding a love letter from Vince McMahon’s daughter.

Anzaldo recently spoke with WrestlingInc. about the situation for their “Documenting Chyna” series.

“When she found out Stephanie and Hunter started their relationship on camera, they made sure she was having a relationship with Eddie Guerrero, which by the way, Eddie’s wife (Vickie) hated that. So they had Eddie and Chyna on the road all over the place, and they had Hunter and Stephanie on the road while they were actually really f–king,”  Anzaldo claims.

Anzaldo claims it took a year for Chyna to find proof of the relationship, and when she did, all hell broke loose.

“It took a year before Chyna caught them. How did she catch them? They owned a house together in New Hampshire. They were engaged, Triple H and Chyna.

He never gave her a ring, but Triple H gave Stephanie a ring. But it was all part of the storyline, but it was real life. So that’s when Chyna started to go ‘is this real?’ And he’s like, ‘Why are you saying that? Don’t accuse me.’

As few of times as they’re actually home together in New Hampshire at their house over the course of 365 days, maybe eight days, she goes to his briefcase, and picked the lock, and found a letter from Stephanie professing her love, approaches Hunter and proceeds to get into ‘World War 3.’ When they had that encounter, let’s just say it was loud, and there was issues.

And he apologized, and that was the last time they spoke. She left that house. All of her costumes and belts, her stuff, she left it all there.

She had nothing when she left that house, and they hadn’t spoken until ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper’s funeral.”

Anzaldo discusses how the day after World War 3, Chyna was released from WWE.

“She leaves, and the next day, she gets fired not over contract negotiations, nothing. She’s fired.

So she goes to Vince, and who’s standing outside Vince’s office? Stephanie.

So her and Stephanie go in the room together for the first time with knowledge of what the real deal is, and that did not go well either. Didn’t get physical but it was ugly.

Then Vince comes in, and Vince’s like, ‘I’m throwing my hands up between you guys. Chyna you’re out,’ and that was that.

Chyna and Triple H eventually made amends at Roddy Piper’s funeral.

[via Wrestling Inc.]


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