Packers’ LB Clay Matthews Is Shaken Up After Taking Line Drive To The Face At Charity Softball Game

Things got a bit scary for Packers star linebacker Clay Matthews this afternoon at the team’s annual charity softball game at Fox Cities Stadium.

Early in the game, Matthews took a line drive off the bat of Packers o-lineman Lucas Patrick straight to the face and appeared to be a bit shaken up as he made his way to the dug out.

Apparently Matthews is ok.

Via Kelly Price

Clay Matthews just took a Lucas Patrick line drive right to his face. He walked off immediately, covering his face in a towel.

He went straight to the club house and we’ve got a temporary pause of play at the Green & Gold Charity Softball Game. #Packers

Davante Adams comes out of the dugout wearing Clay Matthews’ softball jersey, as the umps explain the new safety measure they’re going to try here for pitchers. Adams is his team’s pitcher. #Packers

Davante Adams updates the crowd on Clay Matthews: “I wanted to let everybody know Clay is all right. He’s got a little boo-boo on his nose, but he’ll be all right. He’s a tough guy.” #Packers

It’s safe to say Mattthews is never going to play softball ever again. Let’s just hope he’s ok and that he didn’t suffer a broken nose or anything serious.

Update: Matthews is being taken to the ER to get checked on.

h/t The Big Lead

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