A Bunch Of Bros At The Cleveland Indians Game Made A Pyramid of Empty Beer Cans (Beeramid)

Nothing like $2 beer night to bring out a bro’s inner engineer. Isn’t it a proven fact (somewhere) that people get their best ideas when they’re drunk? Hemingway said something along those lines at one point, so it has to be true.

Which is why these bros getting decently drunk in the first row at the Indians-Orioles game just seems right. It fits in with everything I’ve ever believed about good ideas and excessive drinking. Only a truly well-lubricated group of individuals could decide to make a pyramid of empty beer cans (beeramid) in a professional baseball stadium.

If the math is correct, the beeramid stands 4+ feet high (each can is 4.5 inches tall) and is worth $224 (112 beers). Unfortunately, the fun police showed up and forced the bros to take down the beeramid since it was obstructing the view of other fans.

While we may have lost the beeramid (RIP), we may have found the next generation of game-changing geniuses. Which exactly what the world needs. We’ve gone too many years since the last time we had a Benjamin Franklin or an Albert Einstein. Sure, these guys may get their start making pyramids out of beer, but everyone has to start somewhere. You think Clooney just woke up one day and was a sliver-foxed leading man? Guy had to put in his dues being everything but. I’m keeping an eye on these kids. We need more geniuses in this world.

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