The Cleveland Browns Almost Had An Even Bigger Quarterback Problem After Incident At Practice


Getty Image / Nick Cammett

The Cleveland Browns have had an unexpectedly complicated offseason at the quarterback position.

At the end of the 2021 season, they had a perfectly good quarterback in Baker Mayfield who had struggled through injury all season, but would be back to 100% before the start of the following season.

The Browns decided that wasn’t good enough and went looking for an improvement. What they found was Deshaun Watson, a more talented QB, but one who was facing serious allegations and a suspension from the NFL, the length of which had yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, they still had Baker on their roster and made it difficult for themselves to get value for him in a trade because the whole league knew they needed to get rid of him.

After months of uncertainty, the Browns finally got rid of Baker and learned that Watson would face an 11 game suspension. That left them with Jacoby Brissett to lead the team for a large chunk of the season.

Today, they almost lost him too. According to a report from Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot, Brissett hit his hand on a defender’s helmet during practice today and then was seen holding the hand.

Jacoby Brissett had a scary moment at practice

The Cleveland Browns should probably have Brissett in a protective bubble until the season begins because losing him would be a disaster. The Browns are already going to have a tough time competing early in the year, but it will be particularly rough if they have to turn to Josh Dobbs or Josh Rosen.

Luckily, the Browns avoided disaster today and will still be able to rely on Jacoby Brissett to try and keep them competitive early in the season.

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