Browns GM Respectfully Shuts Down Reports That Team’s Interested In Interviewing Condoleezza Rice As Head Coach


The Cleveland Browns have been one of the most dysfunctional pro sports franchises ver since, well, the team had its “rebirth” in 1999. So when news came out this morning from ESPNs Adam Schefter that the team was reportedly interested in interviewing former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as their potential next head coach, the entire Internet seemed like they just punched in the gut with shock — as Jorge Alonso here wrote about, with these social media reactions.

Well, while the report was announced a couple of hours ago, the Cleveland Browns were quick to shut down all the talk about maybe bringing in Rice at some point for an interview. Here’s the official statement from the team’s GM, John Dorsey.

Dorsey clearly points out all the qualities of Condoleezza Rice that would make it, seemingly, possible that the Cleveland Browns would even consider talking to her about a position with the team, but the statement seems like a huge, “uh, nah, we’re not doing that” if you ask me. As a Browns fan, the news was more than shocking, so good on the team to stop all the chatter before it got a little bit too out of hand.

Condoleezza Rice is a tremendous talent in lots of different things, but being a first-time NFL head coach with the Browns doesn’t seem like the right fit at this time. Maybe in the future it could happen, though.

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