Cleveland Browns Fans Freak Out When Team Reveals That Josh Allen Is Visiting Facility For Pre-Draft Workout

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As the NFL draft approaches it’s becoming clear that Josh Allen will likely go #1 overall to the Cleveland Browns.

In this week’s Move The Sticks podcast, NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah that “people that know people inside the Browns” expect them to take Allen at No. 1.


“Just in talking to people around the league for the last, I would say it really picked up in the last week, it’s just a lot of people, not from inside the [Browns’] building — I’ll stress that — but there’s just a lot of people telling me, ‘Hey, I think it’s going to be Josh Allen,”’ he said. “It’s either guys that have worked with John Dorsey or guys that are familiar with that room and that process.

“They think that makes more sense for him with Josh Allen being more of an upside pick than a floor pick, and Josh Allen is not there right now, but maybe you feel Tyrod [Taylor] can buy you enough time before Josh Allen is ready.”

Today, the Cleveland Browns announced that they were hosting Allen for a workout in their team facility and fans are apparently not entirely sold on the team drafting the QB from Wyoming.