The Cleveland Browns Fire Hue Jackson After Reported Feud With Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley


Before yesterday’s Steelers-Browns game,’s Ian Rapoport reported that the team was decidingwhether to fire head coach Hue Jackson or offensive coordinator Todd Haley after the relationship between the two deteriorated.


If it’s not resolved, change will come with hopes of fixing the dysfunction that has mostly manifested itself on offense, sources say…For several weeks, it’s been clear that coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley have not been on the same page. Several people in the organization have battled to help them work together, but it has not improved…If this continues, and the disconnect is not reconciled, a move will likely be made,.

The Browns got crushed by the Steelers and the Browns eventually decided to part ways with Jackson this afternoon.

Apparently there was some disagreement within management with who the team wanted to fire before today’s decision.

The Internet had some fun reactions to the Browns firing Jackson.