The Tickets For The Cleveland Browns Christmas Eve Game Are Selling For Less Than A Domestic Stadium Beer

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Dallas Cowboys v Cleveland Browns

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The Cleveland Browns are the city of Cleveland’s red-headed step-child with braces. After seeing their Cavs dethrone one of the NBA’s all-time great teams and nearly witnessing the Indians secure their first World Series title in a half-century, the Browns are set to make history of their own. That history, of course, is becoming only the second team in the history of the NFL to go winless throughout 16 games.

With their current record at 0-12, the lowly Browns still have a shot to take down the Bengals (3-7), Bills (6-5), Chargers (5-6), Steelers (6-5). They likely will not beat any of them. That’s why the tickets for the Christmas Eve game vs. the Chargers are selling for less than a high school girls basketball game.

Via StubHub:


Six dollars.

For comparison, as Fox Sports points out, the Jets-Patriots game at Gillette Stadium that same day are starting at $170. You could buy nearly a whole section at FirstEnergy Stadium for that price.

At this point you gotta think that the Browns are gunning for 0-16, embracing it like being crowned the drunkest guy at the party. No one will remember this team if they don’t suck to historical proportions. And isn’t that what we all want–not to be forgotten?

Embrace it, young fella. Wear your suckiness like a red badge of courage.


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