Cleveland Cavs Employee Pours Gatorade Into A Powerade Bottle On The Bench

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SB Nation

The NBA playoffs feel like an eternity ago, even though they were only a few months ago. Remember the whole storyline about LeBron cramping up, then Gateroade taking a shit on Powerade about sugar-filled sports drink preventing cramping?  At last night’s Cavs-Knicks opener, that discussion reared its ugly head again. The water boy for the Cavs was spotted pouring Gatorade directly into a Powerade bottle, presumably on a player’s request. Powerade is an official sponsor of the NBA who pays millions to be used on the bench, even though clearly some plays prefer its direct competitor.

The folks at SB Nation spotted this GIF during the broadcast last night. Couldn’t he have done this in the locker room or in The Q’s tunnel, away from TV cameras? Someone’s getting fired.


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