Cleveland Indians Fans Nearly Took Their Sports Frustration Out On Each Other Over Spilled Beer

As someone who’s a Cleveland sports fan—I know, what in the fuck am I thinking?—I  can tell you that there’s a TON of pent-up frustration for our teams.

The Browns are a fucking joke and might just be the worst team in the league. The Cavs are stacked with LeBron K-Love and Kyrie, but had the worst injury luck in a six-week period on their way to the NBA Finals last season, and the Indians are, well, probably going to lose their last game of the regular season and miss out on the second Wild Card spot, just watch.

As if that wasn’t enough to get a guy from Northeastern Ohio pissed off, maybe getting your $12 beer spilled by a stranger grabbing for a home run ball is.

It sure seemed like it last night during the Tribe game, when, after a Francisco Lindor homer in the first inning, two fans nearly traded blows after getting in each other’s face—all because of a beer taking a tumble.

Considering it was the first fucking inning and these two were sitting so close to one another, I’m sure things were a little tense up there in the bleachers for the rest of the game. But, at least the Tribe won, so that may have settled things down.

[H/T Waiting For Next Year]

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