This Is The Clippers Employee That Blake Griffin Reportedly Broke His Hand Punching

Earlier today, we told you about how Blake Griffin, allegedly, broke his hand while punching the L.A. Clippers’ assistant equipment manager who, according to sources, is actually a good friend of Blake’s.

According to Deadspin, they tracked down some pics of the dude and, well, it sure looks like Blake and the dude, Matias Testi, have been pretty chummy over the years, as many outlets have reported.

If you need further proof of that, below are some pics to support the claim that Griffin and Testi are, in fact, bros who just got into a very ugly, public fight, with both posting photos to Instagram together.

Don't believe me just watch…. @matit99

A photo posted by Blake Griffin (@blakegriffin32) on

Happy bday to my boy @matit99 and put some clothes on please.

A photo posted by Blake Griffin (@blakegriffin32) on

According to ESPN’s Michael Eaves’ Twitter, the fight started in a restaurant and proceeded to move outside, which is where Blake socked Testi a few times int he face, though details are fuzzy at this point.

Regardless of how this all turns out, Griffin’s going to be in big-time trouble and his friendship with Matias Testi seems to be over—or so one would imagine.

[H/T Deadspin]

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