Close-Up Video Of Monster Wave Pummeling Surfers At Teahupo’o In Tahiti Goes Viral

Teahupo'o surfing in Tahiti

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The surfing community is in awe of a recent viral video from photographer Jon Aspuru.

The video was filmed just outside of the wave break at Teahupo’o in Tahiti, one of the most famous waves on earth. It shows just how immensely powerful and heavy the Teahupo’o wave is as big wave surfers get pushed aside like ragdolls and at least one of them goes over the falls.

Aspuru goes by @jonbakio on TikTok and his viral video has already been viewed 4 million times and counting. He also has a second video from the surfing action at Teahupo’o that can be seen below.

That second video shows surfers getting crushed by one of the heaviest and gnarliest waves on earth. But first, here’s the Teahupo’o surfing video that has left the surfing community stunned.

The TikTok videos can be accessed directly on his page here.

Comments from the surfing community express amazement and awe. They wrote:

“I would see my past, present, and future in that wave lmao.”

“The fact that that is just WATER baffles me. like it’s not a solid substance how is it so POWERFUL.”

“Imagine getting hit by that one surf board.”

“Imagine getting pulled by your leg rope on a wave like this.”

“Staring death in the face. I’ve had dreams of waves this size since a kid. I would not surf that big now….”

“Yeah, I’ll watch on land , thank you very much.”

I can’t even fathom the relief that the last surfer to make it over the crest felt knowing he’d paddled to safety and didn’t get ripped backward over the falls to experience the worst bodyslam of his life, having the oxygen knocked out of his lungs and not knowing which way was up or down.

Surfing Carnage at Teahupo’o In Tahiti

This second video shows a smaller wave but the carnage is visceral. Multiple surfers get caught out of position and get crushed by the breaking wave.

Last but not least, he has a clip of a ski driver barely outrunning the wave before getting crushed:


Legend Vetea “Poto” David doing crazy things with the jetski. #quedices #surf #surfing #jetski #teahupoo #tahiti #oceanlife

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Based on his TikTok feed, Jon Aspuru has already moved on from Teahupo’o, Tahiti and is now filming at Puerto Escondido aka the ‘Mexican Pipeline.’

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