CM Punk Tells Hulk Hogan To ‘Shut The F*ck Up Or I’ll Wreck You’ Over Hockey Beef

cm punk hulk hogan hockey

CSN Chicago

CM Punk REALLY doesn’t like Hulk Hogan. And he REALLY doesn’t like Hulk Hogan being a Tampa Bay Lightning fan calling out his beloved Chicago Blackhawks.

Apparently the first shot was fired when Hulk Hogan dropped this tweet with a little dig at Punk…


CM Punk wasn’t having that, so he grabbed a mic, hit up CSN Chicago and proceeded to go off Punk-style on Hogan’s lack of hockey knowledge.

Then, just to make sure his message to Hulk Hogan was clear, Punk posted this very pointed tweet.


I think Punk wins this one based on the number Favorites and Retweets. That’s how it works, right?

Frankly, the whole thing seems kind of childish to me, but we are talking about two guys who pretended to fight for a living so what do I know?

As of this writing, neither man has had any more to say about the matter. Go Blackhawks?!

H/T BlackSportsOnline

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