Here’s How Much CM Punk Made For UFC 203 And I’d Get Punched In The Face Repeatedly For Half That Amount

CM Punk’s UFC debut was everything and nothing all in a little over a minute. During his entrance, it was fascinating TV because Punk followed a dream, left a company where he was probably one of the top earners and easily one of the most popular performers, and agreed to step into the octagon. Few people have the balls to do anything close.

Then the fight started and things QUICKLY turned ugly.

I give the guy all the credit in the world. I especially give him props now that his alleged pay for UFC 203 has hit the internet.

Former WWE Champion CM Punk earned a whopping $500,000 for his first-round loss to Mickey Gall at UFC 203 in Cleveland on Saturday night. Gall received $15,000 for the fight and a $15,000 win bonus. Punk was not eligible for a bonus.

As noted, Punk also took home $2,500 in Reebok sponsor pay.

“A half a million dollars for a minute in the ring!” you’re probably saying, as I did, because we’re idiots. We’re not taking into account all of the training that goes into preparing for a fight. Not to mention, you know, all the medical bills now.

Even though the fight is over, and there’s a good chance Punk might never fight again, he could still make even more money once all of the numbers are rung up.

MMA source FrontRowBrian speculated that Punk may receive a chunk of the UFC 203 pay-per-view revenue as well, perhaps at least $2.50 for every pay-per-view buy over 250,000. For example, if the show were to draw 500,000 buys, Punk would receive another $625,000.

Punk could possibly pocket a million dollars for Saturday night. A million dollars and the chance to do whatever he wants for his next career. Maybe even a return to the WWE?

Yeah, probably not.

[via Wrestling Inc.]

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