UFC Unveils CM Punk’s Official Reebok Fighter Jersey And There’s Just Something Odd About It



Today, the UFC officially unveiled their Reebok UFC Fight Kit with the clip at the bottom of this post.

To coincide with the big announcement, the UFC also released photos of official Reebok fighter jerseys.
The jersey pictured below is CM Punk’s official Reebok fighter jersey. Philip Brooks is officially official, or something, but there’s just something off about the jersey.

As of last year, Punk had planned to use his name in the UFC. I don’t remember reading anything to the contrary. I also don’t remember reading about the WWE preventing Punk from billing himself as CM Punk. Hell, they can’t even get fans to stop chanting his name during events.

So what gives? Why the sudden change to Philip Brooks. CM Punk, the name, will put way more asses in the seats and buy into the PPV. Casual fans, not the UFC hardcore, want to see the CM Punk name. It would undoubtably sell tickets. It would even sell these Reebok jerseys.

Dwayne Johnson is a mega, mega star and people still drop The Rock into his name during TV appearances and in interviews. Does anyone outside of hardcore wrestling fans know CM Punks real name? I’m not sure I’d pay to see Philip Brooks fight. I might Philip Brooks to do my taxes. Maybe not THIS Phil Brooks, but…

Anyone UFC fans know what’s going on?

[via SEScoops]

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