First Photo Of CM Punk Training For UFC Reveal The Former Champ Is Looking A Little Small


CM Punk hasn’t officially chosen a training place, or specific trainer, for his pending MMA fight but the former WWE champion is already getting into fighting shape.

Bellator Light Heavyweight contender Muhammed Lawal (known in MMA rings as King Mo), posted a photo to his Twitter account today alongside Punk, Roy Nelson and Rener Gracie together after a training session at Syndicate MMA.

When I said small in that headline, I meant as opposed to his former WWE frame of over two bills. It doesn’t help he’s standing around a pack of beasts. Punk appears to have trimmed down slightly, which makes sense, considering Punk’s goal fighting weight is around 170. The official WWE website has Punk listed at 218. Let’s pretend he was 220 when he left the WWE, that means Punk would need to chop off 40 pounds to compete at the desired weight.

He’ll have to stay far away from the WWE ice cream bars.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that Punk is also standing on his toes. Yeesh. I didn’t even notice. Can’t train for height.

[via MMA News]