Central Michigan Makes Gaff By Sending Out ‘CMU’ Keyboard Stickers Resulting In Hilarious Internet Reaction

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Central Michigan University tried out a marketing ploy to increase comradery on campus as a new year begins. The school sent out keyboard stickers for students with the university’s ‘CMU’ acronym, along with a few other laptop logos.

Innocent enough, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, the letters C-M-U don’t exactly appear in that order on a computer keyboard. The result was a mishap that probably could’ve been foreseen.

Check it out here.

The accidental misfortune was quickly captured on social media, and it’s now going viral on Twitter. As you could imagine, the reaction from users is hysterical.

Take a look.

Internet reacts to unfortunate CMU keyboard stickers gaff

Social media users were quick to reply upon seeing the CMU keyboard sticker mistake. Here’s what they had to say about the hilarious mishap.

This person joked, “Why are my keys stuck?”

One person said, “Oof. Marketing malfunction or intentional? Apparently, they decided to print a bulk ‘load’ before trying 1 set of stickers prior to printing them in mass,” to which another user replied, “Either way they were premature in their release.”

It definitely feels like this could’ve been prevented had just one person in the marketing department tried them out. I mean, who actually approved these?

One person responded, “this is peak marketing, yeah?”

Maybe the objective was to go viral, in which case, they succeeded. Any press is good press, right? Whatever the case, this will probably the last time these are sent out by CMU.

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