CNN’s Andy Scholes Blasted By Viewers For Saying He Wasn’t ‘Surprised’ About Tiger Woods’ Car Crash

Tiger Woods was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon after being involved in a serious single-car accident.

Despite the fact that there was not much information on the situation right away, one CNN anchor decided to speculate about what may have led to the accident.

During a live report, CNN sports reporter Andy Scholes said he ‘wasn’t entirely surprised” by Tiger’s accident ‘because painkillers have become a part of his life.”

Stunned, I guess, but not entirely surprised by what we’re seeing here. Tiger, back in 2017, was found by police pulled over to the side of the road, asleep in his car. He had said he had taken a lot of painkillers at that time because we all know Tiger has undergone a lot of surgeries over the years and painkillers have become a part of his life.”

Viewers blasted Scholes for immediately bringing up Woods’ past with substance addiction considering the crash is still under investigation and there were no reports at the time to suggest Woods was under the influence of painkillers.

Scholes went on to apologize after receiving backlash for his comments.