Coach Calipari Phones In To The Dan Patrick Show And Tells Dan Patrick That He Has No Friends

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So a little bit of context before you play the video:

We all remember Coach Calipari’s platoon system he utilized this past season where he would substitute two platoons of five players. This is a unique model, but what’s also unique is having 10 players on your college team who are capable of playing in the NBA. It seemed to be a winning formula, as Kentucky went a perfect 31-0 in the regular season but faltered to Wisconsin in the Final Four.

It seems that the loss still stung Coach Cal as he phoned into the Dan Patrick show and essenitally gave a self-critique of the platoon system.

Via Sporting News,

“I tell you what they killed us with this year: platooning. It didn’t hurt a player. Obviously it hurt us, we did not win the national title. But it didn’t hurt anything doing it. I’m never going to do that again. When am I going to have ten guys of that level?”

Patrick continued to pry at the issue, asking Calipari if he thought they would have won the a title if he used a seven-man rotation rather than a 10-man. That’s when Calipari got hot around the collar.

“I don’t know. We didn’t go seven deep. We went ten deep and then we went nine deep. We almost won 40 games. And we were given a tough path in the NCAAs. Playing Notre Dame and Wisconsin, come on. Think about our path there.

If anybody wants to question me, like results, like ‘I don’t care about results’? The last six years have been a pretty good run. Now, maybe you think I should have won five national titles and been the next John Wooden. I don’t know. But I do know we were right there trying to win them every year. Didn’t do it. It’s hard to do.”

Patrick promptly ended the interview early citing, “I’ve got other legends, I’ve got guys who won national championships” to attend to.

To which Calipari quipped, “I don’t know very many people who could stand you, that if you called, they’d come on.”


Check out the cringeworthy interaction below.

[H/T Sporting News]

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