Watch This Shocking Video Of A College Football Coach Getting TASED To Boost Team Morale

// Collett, the defensive line coach at Division III Centre College in Danville, Ky. decided to let several volts of electricity course through his body in an off-the-wall tactic to inspire his players during their treacherous two-a-day practices.

Collett, apparently unaware that a surprise pizza party would have achieved the same goal, was brought to his knees by the taser, the entire squad erupted as if Bin Laden was being killed before their eyes. 

This could actually turn out to be a genius motivational tactic. Nothing inspires like a coach walking the walk. “Oh what’s that you little shit–you don’t want to run sprints? I took a fucking lightning bolt through my chest for you piss ants. You’ll run till you fucking puke.”

If you seeing a coach get tased didn’t make you wish you were on this squad, check out the video below of BROS BEING BROS.


Centre College is the reigning champion of the Southern Athletic Association.

[h/t Sporting News]

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