Henrik Lundqvist Got RAILROADED By Stars’ Cody Eakin, And It Was Easily The Dirtiest Hit So Far This NHL Season

Holy hell. Choo-fucking-choo, get the fuck off the tracks, Hank! Goddamn.

But in all honesty, this is one of the dirtiest hockey hits we’ve seen in awhile. Dallas Stars’ Cody Eakin with absolutely no regard for Henrik Lundqvist’s head/position/life here. Everyone knows that the goalie is protected behind his net in the little quadrangle whatever you want to call it, and Eakin just didn’t give a damn here.

Not only did he make literally ZERO effort to avoid hitting Lundqvist, but in fact, he pretty much left his feet and drove his elbow straight into the Rangers’ goalie’s skoal like a total dirtball.

Got a game misconduct for it, too. And serves him right. No doubt the league office is going to fine and suspend the shit out of him for this one, and deservedly so.

Want to take a run at another player? Fine, go for it, part of the sport. But not a goalie. Never a goalie. That’s just plain schoolyard cheap.

Understandably, Lundqvist left the game after the devastating collision, but returned later because he’s tough as nails. Our thoughts are with the stars he’s certainly seeing right now, though. No pun intended.