Cody Parkey, Who Hit The Goal Post 6 Times This Year, Used To Actually Practice Hitting Poles

cody parkey used to practice hitting poles with his kicks watch

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In “you can’t make this sh*t up” news, Bears kicker Cody Parkey, who hit the goal post what I am calling a “record” six times this season, including his game-winning attempt on Sunday, used to literally practice hitting poles with his kicks.

His hard work must have “paid off” because during one game this year, Parkey set another unofficial “record” hitting the uprights FOUR TIMES in one game before his most memorable doink, err double-doink, versus the Eagles.

Back then, writing on back on Parkey’s epic upright-doinking day, Joseph Jungermann said, “What’s even worse is that all four of the kicks hit the upright, which is something that Parkey probably couldn’t even do if he tried.”

OH RLY? Watch this…

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Look familiar?

Talk about your bad karma. Cody Parkey might just be the king of it now.

He also tweeted this awhile back.

Oh, no, Cody…

Throw in the fact that Robbie Gould, the Bears all time leader in scoring (and who has hit 82 of 85 field goal attempts since leaving the team), was at the game versus the Eagles and Parkey really stood no chance on Sunday.

Somehow though I think he will recover. After all, he’s got nine million guaranteed reasons to keep smiling.


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