Fans React To Cole Hamels Making Almost $8 Million For Pitching 3 Innings Over The Past 2 Years

Cole Hamels Has Pitched 3 Innings Over 2 Years Made Almost 8 Million

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  • Cole Hamels, it was on Monday, is out for the season, again, after experiencing arm pain during rehab.
  • Hamels will make $1 million this year without pitching a single inning for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • More MLB news here.

37-year-old pitcher Cole Hamels was placed on the 60-day injured list on Monday by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Hamels, recovering from triceps and shoulder problems, was supposed to throw a two inning simulated game, but only made it one inning before being shut down with arm pain.

This now makes it two years in a row that the 2008 World Series MVP has seen his season come to an end before it even really got started.

In 2020, Hamels signed a one year, $18 million contract with Atlanta. He suffered from left shoulder tendinitis during Summer Camp, then ended up pitching only 3-1/3 innings for the Braves, allowing three earned runs, before leaving the game in his only start, never to return. He was paid a prorated amount of $6,666,667 due to the pandemic shortening the season.

This year, after holding a showcase in July for teams to see that he was healthy again, the Los Angeles Dodgers, looking to replace missing pitcher Trevor Bauer, signed Hamel to a contract paying him $1 million guaranteed, plus $200,000 per start.

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This means that Hamels will have made $7,666,667 over the past two seasons for pitching a grand total of 3-1/3 innings.

Let’s do some math on this…

Hamels has been paid $2,300,230.12 per inning over the past two seasons.

That also means Cole Hamels made $3,833,33.50 per strikeout pitched.

Or $766.666.70 per out.

Breaking it down even further, Hamels will have earned $147,435.90 per pitch thrown in a game over the past two years.

Baseball fans, as usual, reacted with sympathy and best wishes for the one-time great pitcher whose career may now be over.

Just kidding, they made tons of jokes at his expense.

If this is the end for Cole Hamels, the four-time All-Star will finish his Major League Baseball career with an impressive 163-122 (.572) record, 2,560 strikeouts, and a 3.43 ERA.

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