Colin Cowherd Rips Baker Mayfield To Shreds For Having A Cocky Attitude While Playing Terrible Football

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The Herd

Baker Mayfield has not been good this season and Colin Cowherd is more than happy to rub it in his face every chance he gets.

Last night, Mayfield was absolutely awful against the San Francisco 49ers in the Browns blowout loss on Monday Night Football.

Cowherd, who has always been critical of the Browns QB, ripped into Mayfield for having a cocky attitude while playing like crap on the field during his show today.

“You’re 5′11 and a half, looks like you’ve gained weight. You run a 4.84 40[-yard dash] with a rookie head coach and a bad o-line and you’re taunting people?”. “That’s just bad judgment. Stop with the 29 commercials. ‘I feel dangerous.’ I’m not saying the season’s over. It’s not, there’s good news on the horizon for Cleveland. But that was embarrassing, and you’re making it harder, this league chews up great players.”

Cowherd points out Mayfield has regressed in his second season in the league.

“He is regressing. His strength is now an issue. He’s no longer accurate. Is it his quarterback coach? 64% last year completion percentage. He’s down to 56%. We make fun of Cam [Newton] for that and Cam’s 6′6 and runs like an athelete. You can’t be 5′11, run a 4.84 40 and throw 56% completion. That’s a backup quarterback in this league. I’m not sure it’s a backup.”

Cowherd isn’t wrong and Mayfield deserves to eat a little humble pie but he can still turn things around this season.

Update: Here is the full 5 minutes of Cowherd ripping into Mayfield if that’s what you’re into.

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