Colin Cowherd Doesn’t List Patrick Mahomes As A ‘Tier 1’ QB In Latest Rankings

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Colin Cowherd gets paid (a lot) of money to deliver his sports opinions and create a conversation about said opinions. He’s great at his job, too, just look at the enormous following he’s built over the years. Cowherd is known for his hot takes because those are the ones that receive the most press, they’re the ones we and dozens of other websites write about so often. Sports radio without controversial opinions isn’t good sports radio, and Cowherd is well-versed in the art of delivering a questionable take.

Just when you may think Cowherd can’t possibly top his most recent hot take, he gets on air and ranks NFL quarterbacks heading into the 2021 season.

During Tuesday’s edition of ‘The Herd,’ Cowherd listed who he thinks are the top eight quarterbacks in the league and broke them down into two tiers. To the surprise of no one, his rankings are controversial. For starters, he didn’t list Patrick Mahomes as a Tier 1 QB, but he did have soon to be 44-year-old Tom Brady on that tier.

Brady is the best to ever do it and is fresh off winning his seventh Super Bowl, but come on, Brady over Mahomes? You could even make the argument that Russell Wilson, who was also listed on the top tier, could be replaced by Deshaun Watson, a Tier 2 QB in Cowherd’s eyes.

As per usual, whenever Cowherd drops heat like this, Twitter reacts accordingly: