Colin Cowherd Backtracks On His Backwards Hat Rule After Tom Brady Wore One During Bucs’ Super Bowl Parade

colin cowherd backwards hats tom brady

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Colin Cowherd took some time off after going through a health scare on Super Bowl weekend but returned to the airwaves on Monday. In typical Cowherd fashion, he brought the heat.

If there’s one thing Cowherd hates in this world, it’s when professional athletes wear their hat backward. Cowherd hates the backwards hat look so much that he can’t help but bring it up when he sees an athlete wearing one, and it especially gets under his skin when it’s an NFL quarterback rocking their hat backwards.

Cowherd’s brain has essentially come up with this rule where NFL quarterbacks shouldn’t be allowed to wear a backward hat because ‘they look like a frat boy,’ but after Tom Brady wore one during the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl boat parade Cowherd has backtracked on his rule.

“New rule. I hate backward hats, but apparently, you’re allowed to wear one if you win your seventh Lombardi Trophy,” he explained on Monday’s edition of ‘The Herd.’

Good to know that Cowherd approves of Brady’s choice of wearing his hat backward. Having said that, it’s safe to say Carson Wentz does not have the green light to wear his hat backward.

Back in September, Cowherd legitimately got onto Wentz for the way he wears his hat. He even implied that it hurts his image as a franchise quarterback. Cowherd even went into some odd character with a very unique voice while making fun of Wentz and his hat.

As I said, the man hates the backward hat look.