Colin Cowherd Goes On Three Minute Rant About Why Philly Is The Dumbest Sports City In America

Correction, Colin: Andy Reid didn’t win four straight NFC championships, he appeared in four NFC championships. He lost three of four.

In any event, with the Chiefs 4-0 and looking like the best team in football, the Andy Reid train is the hottest bandwagon in town. And rightfully so, he is a solid coach with the propensity to extract potential out of thin air (He sent 19 players to a total of 44 Pro Bowls, the highest for any team in the NFL during that stretch. None of those players had every appeared in a Pro Bowl before Reid).

But, when you spend 14 years coaching for a psychotic Philly fanbase and don’t deliver a Super Bowl victory (credit: Patriots WR Deion Branch), it’s easy to ignore that you’ve strung together the best win total, winning percentage, and playoff win total in team history. It’s a lot easier to focus on the fact that Reid hadn’t won a playoff game in his final four years with the team, hadn’t won an NFC championship since ’04, and went 4-12 his final year with the Birds.

Ah, two sides to the same coin.

So, Cowherd is being a bit of a narrow-minded blowhard here, and I really only wrote this post to read the comments defending Philly. Nothing I love more than some passionate sports rants turned personal attacks in the comment section.

And to add a little fuel to the fire, here is the iconic Bill Burr Philly rant from 2006.


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