Visionary Photoshops College Coaches With Different Haircuts And They Cannot Be Unseen

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Every blue moon, an internet visionary puts his Mona Lisa on full display for the public. Not for money, or fame, or followers. Ok, probably solely for followers. But these rare geniuses will typically take something that is universal and flip it on it’s head. In the case of Twitter user @BillionBus, that’s literally exactly what he did.

Billion Bus is an artist who describes himself as, “Not the best artist, but probably the most dope.” His work has been seen on various sports media outlets like Bleacher Report, USA Today, and ESPN. Mr. Bus has recently made internet gold by photoshopping the haircuts of several college coaches (and a couple sports media talking heads) to create urban doppelgangers that cannot be unseen.

Without seeing any of his other work, I can confidently say that this project is his masterpiece. His magnum opus, piece de resistance, tour de force, chef d’oeuvre. Check them out below.

I’m going to have nightmares of that Coach K photo.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]

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