The 5’4″, 209-Pound Bethune-Cookman Punter Is A Hoss That Puts Sebastian Janikowski To Shame

bethune cookman punter


For a small guy, I’m pretty good at stuffing my damn face with junk food. Sure, I suck at eating normal food for lunch and dinner and all that, but when it comes to pizza or Taco Bell tacos or crap like that, my 5’9″, 160-pound frame might surprise some people.

I might take pride in my ability to toss back a few sh*tty snacks, but I ain’t got nothing on the Bethune-Cookman punter, Uriel Hernandez, ’cause the dude is a 5’4″, 209-pound hoss that crushes like it’s nobody’s business.

uriel hernandez

Bethune Cookman Athletics

Seriously, just look at this dude and tell me how in the hell it’s even humanly possible to look like this, and still be a college athlete?

Yo, Uriel: Respect, brother.

The dude isn’t just a monster who just stands back there, either, but a guy with a little bit of personality, too, sort of echoing the model set by fellow punter, Marquette King of the NFL. I mean, dude’s busting out bow and arrows to the sky? That’s some swag.

Unsurprisingly, once the Internet discovered Uriel Hernandez, college football fans reacted as if they just saw Sasquatch or something. Take a look at some of the reactions from Twitter of the punter.

Not sure what Uriel’s meal plan looks like, but dude must reload is cafeteria card a lot to keep up with his routine, ’cause ol’ boy is eatin’ good.

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